A Message to "The Gang"


Hello ! Middlesbrough,

Here comes your third " Gang Show " and all your pals from the London " Gang Show " want to send their greetings to you for another smashing success. We all wish we could come up and join in the fun with the audience; one of these lucky days we may be fortunate.

In the meantime, every bloke from London Town will be thinking of you during your run and "rooting " for you with every item you do and with every ounce of enthusiasm from this part of the country.

Next year the London "Gang Show" will become of age. It will be our 21st year, but it is not London only that takes the credit; it is Glasgow, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and all the other grand bunches of Scouts and Scouters who fly the "Gang Show" flag as part of their Scouting.

That is why we feel that YOUR success, is ours and OURS, yours. That is especially why, again this year, every "Gangster" down south, from, the youngest to the oldest, wants you to know he hopes your l953 show is going to be your best ever.

Good luck ! Middlesbrough may your audiences be super and may you bring yet another laurel to our great world of Scouting.

Yours ever,


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