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...... from RALPH READER.

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Dear Blokes,

Well, here you are again, going into battle with a new Gang Show. I wish I could be there to see it but as you know I've got a bit of a battle on myself at the Royal Albert Hall in London with "Boy Scout." But I'll certainly be with you in thought and all the Gang from this part of the world will be wishing you well.

It's grand to remember that right INSIDE the Boy Scout Movement, we've got this Gang of ours. The lads of the Red Scarf Brigade from Newcastle, Glasgow, Darlington, Belfast, London and goodness only knows how many from the tiny Troops all through the Movement will be wishing you well and joining in your success.

Our Gang is a mighty fine one. Methinks that maybe Shakespeare would have meant us had he known us, when he wrote: " We few, we happy few, we band of Brothers." That is how I always look on EVERY member of our Gang. So from your Brothers in every " Gang Show " every where will come the good wishes of a big success for you not only in your show but above all IN YOUR SCOUTING.

I know I keep on about not losing sight of the Scouting part. Should that ever happen then the Gang will cease to be what it should be and I know you chaps in Middlesbrough will never allow that to happen. First and foremost we are SCOUTS and our good turn with the presentation of Gang Show is only one small part of what we have Promised to do.

So here's to the Gang and here's to Scouting; may you show, once again, to the general public Just what a " Great, Great Game " it really is.

Yours ever,



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