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The Boy Scouts Association, 25 Buckingham Palace Road London, S.W.I.

My best wishes to the Scouts of Middlesbrough.

I feel sure their " Gang Show " will not only be enjoyed by all the friends of Scouting who see it, but will be invaluable to members of the cast in teaching them the need for co-operation and the team spirit for the good of the show.

So, all good wishes for a successful " Gang Show."

ROWALLAN, Chief Scout.


Otterington Hall,
Northallerton, Yorks.

I was not only delighted but amazed by the performance given by the Gang last year. I don't know how they can possibly keep it up but I know that they are out to do even better and I am greatly looking forward to my visits.

Those lucky enough to get seats will not only see a first-class Show, but will go home enormously cheered by the spirit shewn by all who appear upon the stage or help behind the scenes. If these boys are any criterion, then, indeed, Middlesbrough need not fear the future.

STEPHEN FURNESS, County Commissioner.


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