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Many of you—if you have no Scout or Cub sons—must be wondering what this Scouting business is all about.

Briefly our aim is to create useful citizens, healthy in body and alert in mind and with a sound spiritual background.

To achieve this, Scouting places emphasis on outdoor activities—camping, hiking, swimming and woodcraft—and infuses into these activities a sense of responsibility and leadership, of self-reliance, of honour, and also of humour.

Our founder, the late Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell, declared: " The Boy Scouts are not an organisation, they are a movement. The former derives its force from the rules imposed from without, the latter from the vitality within".

On this principal each Scout troop is divided into patrols of about six boys under a patrol

leader who is responsible to the Scoutmaster and Court of Honour (a committee of the senior boys which " governs " the troop) for the progress and conduct of his patrol.

To illustrate the range of Scout activities undertaken apart from the ordinary run of troop training we can do no better than refer you to the year's review above. And to illustrate the value of Scout training-in later life, we cannot do better than quote the old saying " Once a Scout, always a Scout."