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Had there been no war, you might have seen this gang show or one like it—ten years ago.

It was to have been staged in the spring of 1940; auditioning had been carried out and the date for the first rehearsal fixed for 12th September, 1939. Well, everything stops for war, so that was that.

Time passed, then early last year the gang show idea was again lifted from its pigeon-hole, dusted, and examined—but this time the problem of finding theatre accommodation caused a further postponement.

Props, costumes, wigs and music had to be sought —here our Scout friends in other towns lent their assistance readily—and an orchestra found. Having provided the sweet music, soft lights had to be arranged; transportation for the cast to and from rehearsals; publicity, and a hundred-and-one other jobs had to be tackled.

But over-riding all the efforts of this " supporting gang " was the enthusiasm and earnest endeavour of The Gang. Without that this show could never have been staged.

At last, however. towards the end of 1949, the show began to take shape. Budding Crosbys, Astaires and Kayes were auditioned, " sorted " and finally whittled down to 97 (the posters said i25, you may have noticed; we have not shot the other 28 in despair—the 125 got into print owing to a misunderstanding !). Men with heads for business volunteered to keep the show on the " straight and narrow ;" others with stage experience were inveigled into

At last we have made it. Tonight you see the result. We hope you enjoy it; we hope you clamour for more; and we hope sincerely we shall have an opportunity sometime in the future, to present for your entertainment another Gang Show